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We Are Reformatting Our Monday Focus Call


Paul Kroto here!!

I hope you had a great weekend!

We have decided to reformat our Monday Focus call

There are a lot of conference calls going on

Our goal is to equip, educate, and empower you in the quickest way possible

We are going to move to short videos and short audio clips

Sheryl Morley will be doing a short Facebook Live video every week so you can hear straight from the TOP!

Dr. Conaway will be doing a short audio clip on the product of the week and we will archive those audio clips so you can share them with your prospects!

I will be doing short video or audio clip like this one with a tip of the week… my goal is the help you make constant progress with your Youngevity business.

Every week I will give you a homework assignment that will help you move your Youngevity business in the right direction.

Your homework assignment this week is to watch the video I made last week entitled “11 Announcements in 11 Minutes” found below.

It is critically important that you stay plugged into all the great things that are going on with Youngevity.

We are working day and night to continually improve things so you can grow a more successful Youngevity business.

Our main hub now will be

Here you will find everything you need to grow your Youngevity business!!

Be sure to check out the posts that we have made on this blog.

Also at the top of this blog click on the “Calls” tab so you can see the numbers to all the calls that are important for you to attend every week.

This Thursday will be an extra special day… at 10:30am ET Sheryl Morley and I will be the guest speakers on the Daily Dose call and we will be starting a series on that calls focused on helping you become a better leader.

Then we have our Star School Call at 8pm ET.

Immediately following that call at 8:30 Susan Resner and Rich Stocks will be doing a call called “Connect and Grow”

Are goal is to provide you with a ton of training so you know exactly how to grow your Youngevity business.

Now it is up to you to go out and execute the strategy!

I look forward to hearing all of your on the Daily Dose call this Thursday morning!!

Have an amazing day!!!

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Tax Benefits From Running A Youngevity Business

I am not an accountant

I joined Network Marketing 21 years ago
The very first thing my enroller taught me were these tax benefits
It’s one of the best retention classes you can teach your new Business Builders

Great Expense Tracking Program-

Schedule C-

TurboTax for Home Based Business-

Things you are already spending money on
Car or Truck – write off a portion of your lease or purchased car/truck (depreciation)
Standard Milage Rate 54 cents/mile
Average person drives 12,000 miles/yr
2,000 miles back and forth to Starbucks= $1,080

Meals 50%
Enroll your spouse
$200/mo x 12 = $2,400 divided by 2 = $1,200

Cell Phone $100/mo… 50% = $50/mo x 12 = $600/yr

Internet Service $50/mo… 50% = $25/mo x 12 = $300

Your Home Office Space
Mortgage or rent + Gas Bills + Electric Bills =
$1,000/mo x 10% = $100/mo x 12 = $1,200

Product Purchases Required To Receive Paychecks
A. Youngevity will NOT send you a paycheck if you do not purchase product
B. There is no way you can recommend products to someone unless you are taking them
$300/mo for you x 12 = $3,600
$300/mo for your spouse x 12 = $3,600
Product Samples $200

Going To Convention
Plane Tickets to Convention $800
Hotel Costs $700
Convention Tickets $500 for you and your spouse
$2,000 write off!

Business Clothing $500
Dry Cleaning $5/wk x $260

Continuing Education Courses, Books, and Conventions $200
John Maxwell Programs
Jim Rohn Program
Tony Robbins
Eric Worre

Advertising $120

Accountant or TurboTax Home and Business $45

Rental Cars
Office Supplies
New iPad Pro
Meeting Space
Box, Dropbox, or Evernote Yearly Fees
Bank Fees

I just went over $15,000 worth of tax deductions with you and I underestimated everything!

Here is the catch… you have to be able to prove that you have made an effort to make money.

Meet 1 new person every day… do 5 Health Evaluations a week. If you do just 20 Health Evaluations per month that’s 240 for the year!  At the very least if you are doing things correctly you will have 1 new customer every week… 4/mo… 48/yr!  And those numbers could be doubled or tippled easily.

If you have people fill out Health Evaluations…
1. You can take all these business deductions… That will be ample proof to the government.
2. You will get your Healthy Body Pack for free every month because you are enrolling 3 people per month
3. You will build your way up to a car qualified 1 star and get a Car Bonus
4. You will qualify for our Top Achievers Club All Expenses Paid Trip!!!
5. You will drastically improve your income!!
6. You will find customers that want to become CEOs and these people will set you free!

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11 Amazing Announcements In 11 Minutes!!

1. New will be rolling out in the next week

2. Changed “Freedom Fighters” to “Star School Community” on Facebook

3. Simple 1 > 2 > 3 Health System

1. Health Evaluation (paper copies

2. “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie” Recording

3. “The Rest of The Story”

Simple 1 > 2 > 3 Wealth System


2. Brilliant Compensation Video at

3. Vitamin M Presentation at

4. New Health System will be out in mid March

5. New Websites should be out in mid March

6. Dr. Wallach will be on every week on Facebook LIVE

7. Canceling Monday Focus Calls… Replace with separate videos and audios from Dr. Conaway, Sheryl  Morley, and myself!

8. Zoom Room… “Ask The Business Coach”, “Ask The Keto Coach”, and “Inner Circle Calls”

9. New FitShake.. Banana Cream Coconut Shake… 8oz Unsweetened Coconut Almond Milk, 5 TBSP Heavy Whipping Cream, 1 Scoop FitShake… 325 Calories… 70% Fat… 100% Keto!

10. New Greens Drink… Alkalize Your Body 🙂

11. New Beyond Hydration Bottle… Simply AMAZING!!

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The Law of Intentionality

The Law of Intentionality is Law #1 in the book “The 15 Laws of Growth” by John Maxwell.  In this video John explains why this is a critically important law to follow if you want to be successful in life.

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